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Figure Skating

Freestyle Etiquette and Safety

For the benefit of our skaters we ask all parents, skaters, and coaches to observe the following guidelines so that freestyle sessions can be a positive experience for all:

Freestyle sessions are designed for figure skaters to practice their routines and advanced skills. During these sessions, skaters will be doing difficult jumps and spins. If you are unsure if a freestyle session is for you, consult with your coach. All skaters must sign in and make payment prior to entering the ice. Prior to first visit to any freestyle session, a parent or coach must review the freestyle rules with the skater.

  • All coaches are responsible for monitoring rules and safety on freestyle sessions, regardless of whether or not it is the skater’s own coach. All suggestions or reprimands are to be received with sincere respect and courtesy.
  • Rules are only to be enforced by coaches- not other skaters.
  • Parents, NOT the coaches or rink management, are responsible for their children and should be present during their child’s session, particularly at the lower levels.

Safety rules

The following safety rules are zero tolerance. These safety rules and courtesy suggestions are subject to change as the need arises. If there are any questions please discuss them with your primary coach or a member of the coaching staff. Failure to follow rules can result in expulsion from freestyle sessions.

  1. All skaters are entitled to equal use of the ice.
  2. No one is allowed on the ice without skates.
  3. Skaters and coaches must be courteous and respectful at all times to other skaters and coaches. Accidents happen, please use friendly and courteous language, such as,“Excuse me…” if someone is in your path of travel. Apologize if you accidentally interfere with another skater’s practice.
  4. Skaters and coaches must remain both cautious and alert at all times. Respect each other’s space by not skating too close to another person.
  5. Skaters must keep moving unless receiving instruction from a coach. If a skater falls, they must get up immediately if able to do so. DO NOT sit on the ice. If you must stop – do so only at the boards (side-walls).
  6. Skaters should not stand around in groups talking or playing. All conversation is to be held at the wall or off the ice, unless a coach/skater is demonstrating something.
  7. Always be aware of what is happening around you. Be mindful of skater’s practice patterns; Be mindful of high level skaters passing near you at high speeds. Do not change direction without checking behind you.
  8. Respect other’s space. DO NOT skate or jump too close to another skater or coach. DO NOT skate too close to a skater who is spinning.
  9. Be aware of skaters setting up for jumps or spins and DO NOT cross their path.
  10. Jumps are to be performed in either end of the ice and spins in the middle. Skaters practicing a program may use any area. After jumping, please check jump area for holes and repair large holes using ice shavings and water.
  11. Parents are not allowed to “coach” on the Freestyle from the doors of the ice, through the glass, from the hockey boxes/benches, or from the boards. It distracts the skater and is dangerous. Save the discussion for off the ice.


  • Skaters having a lesson have music priority, though no instructor may dominate the music. The rule of thumb is 3 coaches play their student’s music and then one skater. A coach may not have more than one skater in the coach’s line at one time.
  • Coaches using boomboxes/Bluetooth speakers must maintain a volume level that does not interfere with the overhead sound system.
  • No one may stop another skater’s music without permission from that skater.

Right-Of-Way and Jump Harness

  • All skaters should try to give the right of way to skaters performing programs or taking lessons, while also creating a safe environment.
  • Jump harness use is limited to fifteen minutes per student per session when it is needed by more than one coach.
  • Skaters must take care to avoid interference with users of the jump harness.
  • Before and after the Freestyle Session
  • Please do not get on the ice until the Zamboni doors are shut.
  • It is the responsibility of all skaters to keep the ice arena clean. Remove all belongings (tissue, water bottles, gloves, skate guards, sweaters, etc.) before leaving the ice.
  • Skaters must leave the ice in a timely manner at the end of the session by the end of the session so that the ice can be resurfaced timely and the next session can start on time.
  • Close all doors prior to leaving the ice.

Yelling, profanity, bullying, and other unsportsmanlike conduct

Skaters, coaches, and parents are to refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, profanity, yelling, harassment, intimidation, and bullying at all times. This encompasses the ice, the lobby, and the parking lot areas. Failure to abide by this may result in being asked to leave the arena. Any skater who is a victim of bullying should inform their parent(s) and coach immediately.

More advanced skaters are expected to act as exemplary role models for younger skaters, both on and off the ice.