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FALL 2020 Adult Hockey Registration!

By SIA, 07/01/20, 7:45AM PDT


Register now

Hockey community,


Registration is now open for the Fall 2020 season online and at the rink.  The season is set to start around August 3rd and you can register online using the link here:


The Fall 2020 season comes with 20 scheduled games plus at least 1 playoff game and could be more depending on how far your team goes into the playoffs.  The 20 games for Fall is an exception for this coming season only and will go back to our normal 15 games season in the future.  Prices are lowest for skaters per game in the area!  Fees are $370 for skaters, $130 for goalies and $120 for captains if paid before the early bird discount deadline of July 15th.  On July 16th or later, the cost will go up by $30.  The payment plan option will be offered for online registrations only and requires $210 down at time of registration than 1 additional payment of $210 automatically withdrawn from the same payment method on November 18th, 2020. The payment plan option is not available for goalies or captains.  Free agent players will be added to teams on July 23rd.  Any available spots on a team will be filled by free agents if possible so please be sure to sign up for your team before that date or you may lose your spot.  Please see below for more information about the 9 leagues we offer. 


Important Notice:

In the event the rink should need to shut down and cancel games for the season, we will credit any player who signs up for Fall 2020 season for those games canceled which can be used towards the following season.  In addition, extensive cleaning is going on throughout the day here at the rink including locker rooms once groups leave. 


Our Popular Draft Leagues:

. All Levels Draft - Saturdays -  This is the only draft league where we allow player package requests where you can play with anyone of any skill level as long as they aren't already in a package.  This is a good way to play with friends where you may not be able to in other leagues.  Email me after you've registered with your request and we will advise the captains during the draft which usually works out.


. 35 and Over -  Mondays - (Times are running 1 hour later than normal for the upcoming season) - Register ASAP as this league fills up fast!  Once filled, you can sign up for the waiting list or it's highly recommended you try the Saturday All Levels Draft league option.


Other League options:


. Gold - Thursdays

. Silver AA - Sundays

. Silver A - Wednesdays & possibly Tuesdays

. Silver BB - Saturdays

. Silver B - Sundays

. Silver C - Fridays

. Bronze - Tuesdays


The majority of the games will be on the days listed above with slight possibility of a few exceptions due to any pre-planned event, tournament, competition, maintenance, holiday, or playoff scheduling as we always have around this time of the year. Please plan for some games during the regular and playoff season to be on different nights just to be safe.


Free Agents:

Free agent skaters are welcome in all leagues at this time; however, you must be approved for that league prior to registering by emailing the hockey direction or skating in an evaluation.  If you register as a free agent and that league ends up being full or you evaluate too high/low then we will assign you to the next appropriate league for your skill level.  No refunds are granted so please don't assume by registering unapproved you will be guaranteed for that particular team or league.  Please don't sign up as a free agent goalie without first checking with the hockey director.   Evaluations are held during our adult skills class in most cases unless otherwise scheduled with the hockey director.   For July leading up to the Fall season, those classes are on Fridays at 8:30pm and go for 1 hour and 15 minutes with coaches running you through drills and some pick-up hockey towards the end.  Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns about any of the leagues or on finding a team for you or not. 


Regsaver insurance:

SIA has a no refund/credit policy, even if injured although any credits currently on file will still be honored.  That being said, SportsEngine does offer players an option in the checkout to purchase insurance if you'd like.  For complete details on how Regsaver works, please view the link below.  I want it to be known there is no profit made by the rinks for those signing up for Regsaver as that goes all to the company.


It is your responsibility as a player to review all rules and regulations and abide by them when playing here at Sherwood Ice Arena. The link to these can be found on our website which are updated each season. 




USA HOCKEY MEMBERSHIP2020/2021 USA Hockey membership will be required!   That being said, everyone will need to make sure they get the new 2020/2021 membership if they haven't already in order to register for the season.  We recommend you get it now if possible, especially if you intend to register for a draft league, to avoid any delays such as USA Hockey updating their servers or site maintenance as sometimes there is a delay for memberships to be active which is completely out of our control.  Here is the link from their website to sign up for USA Hockey:  The online registration site will validate your USA Hockey number before progression to the next step in your registration. You will be offered a link to register with USA Hockey within our league registration process or you can get one ahead of time by using the one listed above.  You can still register for hockey at the rink via paper registration; however, you MUST bring along a printed copy of your valid 2020-2021 USA Hockey registration confirmation page. There is an option after registering online with them that will provide you with your confirmation number and a bar code that you can print. If you don't have this piece of paper with you when you come to the rink then you can't register. 


Thank you all for participating in our adult hockey program here at Sherwood Ice Arena!


Sean Taylor

SIA Adult Hockey Director

503 625 5757 -

No alcohol is permitted on the premises at all except inside the designated beer garden area.