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Adult League

Fall 2023 Adult Hockey Registration

Registration for our Fall 2023 Adult Hockey season.

Fall 2023 Playoff Bracket/Schedule

Click the above link, then choose your division, then you can view the playoff schedule/bracket that has been up since start of season.

Welcome to Sherwood's adult hockey leagues!

Sherwood Ice Arena is home to the largest Adult Hockey program in Oregon - we have a home for you no matter your skill level or abilities.


Standard Leagues Draft Leagues
Gold Over 35
Silver AA All Levels
Silver A
Silver BB
Silver B
Silver C

for more detailed information, click the below link:

Good afternoon local hockey community!


Registration is now available online for our upcoming Fall 2023 season!  The season is set to start around 9/4/2023, and you can register online using the link here:  


The Fall 2023 season comes with at least 16 games and could be more games depending on how far your team goes in the playoffs.  Prices are by far the lowest per game for skaters in the area so don’t miss out on this opportunity!  Register early to save $40!  Fees are $380 for skaters, $140 for goalies and $130 for captains if paid before the early bird discount deadline of 7/31/2023 for the discount to be applied at checkout.  On 8/1/2023 or later, the cost will go up by $40 with no discount applied.  Please see below for more information about the 9 leagues we offer.   


Our Popular Draft Leagues:  

  • 35 and Over - Mondays - Register ASAP as this league can fill up fast!   We may be able to fill in player package requests of 2 players only, no guarantees but usually works out.  This is a good way to play with friends where you may not be able to in other leagues.  Email me when done registering with your package request.  Once this league is filled, you can sign up for the waiting list or it's highly recommended you try the Saturday All Levels Draft league option.  
  • All Levels Draft - Saturdays - This is the same type of draft league as the 35 & Over one except for players 18 and over.  We may be able to fill in player package requests of 2 players only, no guarantees but usually works out.  This is a good way to play with friends where you may not be able to in other leagues.  Email me when done registering with your package request.  


Other League options: 

Gold - Thursdays 

Silver AA – Sundays 

Silver A - Wednesdays  

Silver BB - Saturdays  

Silver B - Sundays  

Silver C - Fridays  

Bronze - Tuesdays 


The majority of the games will be played on days listed above with slight possibility of a few exceptions due to any pre-planned event, tournament, competition, maintenance, holiday, or playoff scheduling as we always have around this time of the year. Please plan for some games during the regular and playoff season to be on different nights just to be safe.  


Free Agents and Evaluations:  

Free agent skaters are welcome in all leagues at this time; however, you MUST be approved for that league prior to registering by emailing the hockey direction or skating in an evaluation.  If you register as a free agent and that league ends up being full or you evaluate too high/low then we will assign you to the next appropriate league for your skill level.  No refunds are granted so please don't assume by registering unapproved you will be guaranteed for that particular team or league.  Please don't sign up as a free agent goalie without first checking with the hockey director.   Evaluations are held during our adult skills class in most cases unless otherwise scheduled with the hockey director.  Those classes are normally held on Sunday afternoon and has coaches running you through drills and some pick-up hockey towards the end.  You must register online in advance for the class, using the registration link located on our home page of the website,, under the adult skills registration link.  Free agent players will be added to teams on 8/9/2023 or later.  Any available spots on a team will be filled by free agents if available, so please be sure to sign up for your team before that date or you may lose your spot.  Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns about any of the leagues or on finding a team for you or not.  


RegSaver insurance: 

SIA has a no refund/credit policy for any reason. That being said, SportsEngine does offer players an option in the checkout to purchase insurance if you'd like.  For complete details on how RegSaver works, please view the link below.  I want it to be known there is no profit made by the rinks for those signing up for RegSaver as it all goes to their company. 


We may have availability for new teams in some of our leagues.  If you're interested in forming or bringing a team in any of our 9 leagues, then please email me ASAP at so we can get you all situated and playing!


It is your responsibility as a player to review all rules and regulations and abide by them when playing here at Sherwood Ice Arena. The link to these can be found on our website which is updated shortly before the start of each season.  You will also want to familiarize yourself with the current USA Hockey rules located here:





2023/2024 USA Hockey membership will be required!   That being said, everyone will need to make sure they have a 2023/2024 membership if they haven't already in order to register and play this upcoming season.  


Thank you all for participating in our adult hockey program here at Sherwood Ice Arena! Please don't hesitate to email me with any additional questions you may have